Dr Swan Alyon

Swan Alyon-Dao, PhD, is a transpersonal psychotherapist and transdisciplinary artist. He empowers modern seekers to develop greater consciousness, connection, and creativity. Swan taught philosophy and divinity at the University of Cambridge where he wrote his thesis on self-transformation. He also trained at the Jacques Lecoq school of physical theatre and holds certifications in yoga, tantra, and pranayama. Swan has been guiding individuals and groups for more than 10 years and has curated events in 13 countries on three continents. He is the founder of the Institute of Devotional Arts.


Biophany: Letting Life Unfold

Biophany is  an exploration ordinary life in light of expanded states of consciousness. We seek to become empty vessels moved by the subtle energies that flow through us, thereby becoming both actors and spectators of life. Our goal is to reach a state of creative surrender. We draw upon devised and participatory theatre, using ritual to bring together the mystical and the artistic. We come together to bear witness and take part in the play of creation.

Bhakti: A Call to Worship

Bhakti means loving devotion. It is the art of worship. Bhakti yoga is one of the main yogic paths – not the yoga of physical postures that has become popular, and which is actually just one aspect of Hatha yoga, but that of ways to unite with the Divine. We simply take the Divine to mean whatever we feel is beyond us, supports us, and manifests through us. Bhakti is a path of thanksgiving, reverence, and surrender. Some say it is the easiest way to awakening. Whether or not that is the case, Bhakti yoga is undoubtedly a humbling human experience.

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