Sebastián Belacowsky

Sebastián Belacowsky is a musician and transpersonal theapist. He was born in Rosario, Argentina, and moved to Barcelona in his early twenties. In addition to transpersonal psychology, he trained in Gestalt Therapy and Somatic Integrative (TCI), and has experience working with entheogens. Sebastián is also a musician, music producer, and composer. He plays the sitar, synthesizer, and piano following  a method called PsicoArt. He views spirituality as a conscious attitude where one recognizes one's spirit connecting with the mystery and source of life. This connection is best achieved through art.


Sound Journey

We listen with our soul as our spirit awakens and connects, through sound, with the higher spheres, with a higher dimension.This sound space is a means to connect our spirit with the source. Spatial, mysterious soundscapes, sound sources that reproduce choirs of angels and an eternal OM. The sitar, as the main and evocative instrument, hypnotic and mysterious, emotional and devotional at the same time, makes the journey even deeper.

Sensory Explorations

Sensory Explorations is a space where we sensitize the body and open ourselves to explore the senses by inhibiting the sense of sight in order to perceive reality in an alternative way. Remaining with eyes closed for a considerable time allows us to go deep inside ourselves and that is where the journey takes place.A journey that connects us with the mystery, with life and with the spirit. As if going inward is the only possible direction to take to find the answers.When I close my eyes, I can also see.

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