Riki Parenti

Music therapist qualified by the University of Barcelona (Les Heures), Neurologic Music Therapist Music therapist accredited in Spain (MTAE-53). Degree in DAMS Music (University of Bologna, Italy) and three-year training in Transpersonal Psychology (IPTB).  He has been working as a music therapist since 2010 in various institutions and with different groups, specializing in the context of neurorehabilitation and in recent years developing projects around the voice as the therapeutic choir of CEMCAT.As a singer he has been exploring the voice in its most ancestral and meditative aspect, mastering the overtones singing technique: he has been a member of MuOM  Overtone  Singing Choir, recording two albums and participating in several tours in the state and abroad.In recent years he has been deepening the technique and tradition of Dhrupad singing. Recently he facilitates the personal growth laboratory "Journey through the Voice" where he mixes body and vocal work with a transpersonal music therapy approach.



Vocal Expedition

Voice, Body and Movement workshop: Vocal exploration group session through improvised and guided voice/body/movement dynamics and games. A final sharing circle to integrate the experience...

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