Karina Bertolotto

Karina Bertolotto is a psychologist and psychotherapist, she has been trained in Humanistic Psychology and Transpersonal Psychology, Artistic Expressive Therapy and Integrative Somatic Therapy. Since 2005 she teaches Art therapy and Expressive Movement at the University of Barcelona and she is in charge of coordinating the Psychology programme for Master's of Music Therapy at Barcelona University. She is a PhD candidate at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh. Her doctoral research focuses on performance as a contribution to Art Therapy practices and sacred dimensions of the femenine. She has been a student and a collaborator of Claudio Naranjo over the past few years, organizing his work an teaching for SAT programmes in the United States, Canada, Brazil, Italy, Uruguay, and China.




Co creating Spiritual Reality throught Performance Art

In this workshop participants will have the opportunity to co-create a performance with the art therapist.The performance is an embodied mental, spiritual, physical construction that the performer make in a specific time and space in front of an audience. Between them an energetic dialogue happens, this means that the audience and the performer make the piece together. Is all about being there in the real time. Spiritual co-creation through performance has to do with create a ritual space and an invitation to connect with an specific vibration and energy which is proposed by the art therapist.The elements that will be involved in the creation of the field are evocative music, sensations enhancers, psychoactive images and active meditation. It will be proposed as a sacred and therapeutic space. The dialogue happens in the moment that our body resonate with the artist and the group experience, the invitation is to express what we are feeling through different expressive techniques including: movement, dances, chanting, painting. Sharing the space with a deep sense of community, sacredness has a profound therapeutic potential.

Access your Higher Self through Art Therapy

Art therapy is a path of healing through art, the aim is to find ways to express what is waiting to be heard in order to be healed and integrated.  We work with different expressive possibilities: art materials (paintings, clay, paper...etc) as well as dance, sound healing , voice, music, and performance art. This combination of therapeutic setting and art helps us to express who we are, through art therapy we access parts of ourselves that we project in the art piece, therefore it is a direct route into the personal and collective unconscious. The transpersonal approach takes us on a journey that goes beyond our conditioned mind and our ego, and allows us to connect with the inner self from which the essential creative force/energy arises. From that place we access a higher state of consciousness in connection with the most genuine/authentic part of ourselves and we find healing and answers that arise from our true self.

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