Eliana Perinat

Art is for me a path of consciousness that connects me to reality. Through it, I focus, see, open, and reflect on myself and what surrounds me. Inquiring into human existence and its relationships. Since I began exploring through art, the natural world and the nature we are have been my source of inspiration. From awe of micro-macro patterns, forms inside and outside our bodies, until now expressing Re-enchantment with life. For years I have been a spiritual seeker and meditator. In 2006 I felt the need to learn more about the connection between Art, Spirituality and Psychology, and trained as an art therapist. I offer individual and group sessions for embodied exploration, inner connectedness, and healing through creative intuitive expression and connection with nature.




Insight Art: Genuine self, Life energy and Nature through Presence, Creativity and Embodiment

This workshop is designed to facilitate self-observation, improvisation, reawakening or renewing the artist within, celebrating our body and restoring vitality.By means of creative tools such as drawing, collage, clay, photography or writing as well as body movement, play and presence, it’s an invitation to experience what happens and express what arises. Exploring in silence and through dialogue, when reconnecting with our emotions and inner power, we gain flexibility for answers in life. The aim isn’t to create a beautiful object but the creative process by which we connect with our genuine self and express it, in a non-judgmental, nurturing environment. No prior art or movement experience is required.The session (weather permitting) will be outdoors in connection with and wonder for nature.

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