Prof. David Dubois

David Dubois, PhD, is a philosopher, author, and Sanskrit scholar. Since 2005, he has been sharing the practice of traditionnal Tantra through workshops, retreats, books, as well as a blog and videos. He believes in an approach rooted both in tradition(s) and democracy. He teaches the yoga of space and the path of desire in the tradition of Kashmir Shaivism, but is also inspired by Christian prayer and other traditions of the world, both East and West.



Mirror Tantra

An exploration of our identities through exercises inspired by the traditional tantric Intimate Instruction of the Mirror : Am I the mirror or am I a reflection in the mirror ? How many am I ? and, more importantly, Where am I ? The goal is to fall in love with Presence, the beloved but forgotten One Lover.

The Simple Path of Desire

For sure, there is no life without desire. But is desire an obstacle to inner freedom ? How is inner life possible then ? Through guided meditations, David will share the instructions unique to Tantra, the Shakti core. The goal of this is to discover directly the Root of Desire, beyond and before frustration and misery : the Path of Devotion hidden within Tantra, the very heart of our being.

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