28 Sep. - 02 Oct. 2022

Barcelona, Spain







28 Sep. - 02 Oct. 2022,



A Celebration of Creative & Embodied Spirituality

The Festival of Devotional Arts is a participatory and inclusive gathering. We come together to celebrate the mystery of life through embodied artistic and spiritual practices.

What to expect?


An intimate gathering of up to 100 people


Daily workshops offered by internationally renowned teachers


A personal and collective exploration of creative spirituality


An immersive and revitalizing experience


A restful time in the picturesque Catalan countryside

Festival of Devotional Arts

Art is our Best Way to Rejoice in Life

Art is our Best Way to

Rejoice in Life

5 days of creativity, community, and introspection to nourish your connection to Self, Other, and Spirit

Teachers & Workshops

Stephanie Canavesio

Meditation Teacher, Founder of Presence Embodied

Presence Embodied

A personalized process of guided self-inquiry where the client becomes aware of current challenges, triggers and areas of concern...

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Stephanie builds a safe space for expansion, leading with empathy and listening. Each time she comes to the cushion with her students it is together with equality and equanimity, truth and trust.

Prof. Jorge N. Ferrer

Transpersonal Psychologist, Author & Educator

Somatic Awakening

The awakening of the body is foundational for both a fully embodied spirituality and a fulfilling everyday life. This workshop bridges the somatic and the spiritual/transpersonal dimensions through...

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Jorge is a clinical psychologist, author, and educator. He was a professor for more than 20 years at California Institute of Integral Studies, where he also served as chair of the Department of East–West Psychology. Jorge co-organized the Festival of Devotional Arts.

Xavi Domènech

Tantra Master, Founder of the Xavi Domènech Institute

Psychology of Tantra

Intended to deepen the different areas of focus of Tantra (it is not focused on the sexual aspect), the aim of this workshop is to give a broader vision of the different dimensions of being, of the...

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Xavi is an internationally renowned Tantra master and therapist with 25 years of experience in spiritual and therapeutic processes. Charismatic and authentic, he guides 2-year trainings on 3 continents and online.

Karina Bertolotto

Transpersonal Art Therapist, Co-Founder of BeckleyMed

Cocreating Spiritual Reality

In this workshop participants will have the opportunity to co-create a performance with the art therapist.The performance is an embodied mental, spiritual, physical construction that the performer...

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Karina is an artist and psychotherapist. Her own transformation, insights, and ideas have always found their way into matter through her artworks, be it painting or sculpting. In recent years, she has been looking for a new means of expression that would allow her to share her visions with more and more people. She found it in the combination of collage and digital art.

Dr Swan Alyon

Interspiritual Guide & Artist

Creative Bhakti & Biophany

Biophany is an exploration ordinary life in light of expanded states of consciousness. We seek to become empty vessels moved by the subtle energies that flow through us, thereby becoming both...

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Swan is an interspiritual guide and social entrepreneur on mission to empower people to feel fully alive and interconnected through art, play, and mindfulness. They are the founder of the Festival of Devotional Arts.

Eliana Perinat

Visual Artist & Art Therapist

Insight Art & Re-enchantment

This workshop is designed to facilitate self-observation, improvisation, reawakening or renewing the artist within, celebrating our body and restoring vitality. By means of creative tools such as...

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Eliana is an artist and art therapist. What inspires her work is reverence towards the Mystery of life and nature. She aims to share beauty, consciousness, embodied connection and creative expression.

Maria R. Sideri

Transpersonal Psychotherapist, Founder of PsycheSoma

Transpersonal Dance

A process of self-discovery centered on movement, dance and psycho-emotional liberation.We promote the circulation of vital energy in the body, opening the way towards the natural source of...

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Maria is a transpersonal psychotherapist and creator of Transpersonal Dance Therapy. She studied under various teachers from Buddhism and Kashmir Shaivism. She works as a therapist and teacher of body oriented psychospiritual integration.

Prof. David Dubois

Philosopher, Author & Sanskritist

Mirror Tantra

An exploration of our identities through exercices inspired by the traditional tantric Intimate Instruction of the Mirror : Am I the mirror or am I a reflection in the mirror ? How many am I ? and...

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An inner life explorer, David has been sharing meditation and awakening exercises in the tradition of Tantra. Yoga of space, silence and vibration, pointing directly to our real Face.

Sebastián Belacowsky

Musician & Transpersonal Therapist

Sound Journey

We listen with our soul as our spirit awakens and connects, through sound, with the higher spheres, with a higher dimension.This sound space is a means to connect our spirit with the source...

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Sebastián Belacowsky is a musician as well as a transpersonal therapist. He was born in Rosario, Argentina, and moved to Barcelona in his early twenties. In addition to transpersonal psychology, he trained in Gestalt Therapy and Somatic Integration (TCI), and has experience working with entheogens. Sebastián is also a music producer and composer.


This is a sample schedule. As life is full of surprises, it is subject to change.

6.30am Meditation & Breathwork
7.30am Breakfast
8.45am Collective Circle
9.15am Morning Workshops
12.15pm Sharing Groups
12.30pm Lunch & Siesta
3.30pm Afternoon Workshops
7pm Dinner
9pm Ceremony

Festival of Devotional Arts
Festival of Devotional Art - Mas Llaneta

The Venue

Festival of Devotional Art - Mas Llaneta

Alcover, Tarragona.

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Where you'll stay

The festival will take place in a modernist castle and farm dedicated to hosting retreats and therapeutic work. It is located in the natural park of the Muntanyes de Prades close to the town of Alcover, Tarragona, and stands out for its silence, stillness and lush nature. The spacious and bright bedrooms have private bathrooms. They can accommodate 3-4 people.


Our nutritious and healthy vegetarian meals will be prepared on site and composed of primarily organic, local, and seasonal ingredients. All meals have vegan and gluten free options. We are happy to cater to special diets on request. Tea, coffee, and healthy snacks will be available throughout the day.

Festival of Devotional Art - Mas Llaneta

Accomodation & Prices

The retreat price includes room and food, daily workshops, solo and group integration sessions, rituals, and ceremonies.

Single bed in 3-5 people shared room

Accommodation for 4 nights

All meals, snacks, and drinks

Access to the festival venue, all workshops and events

Low Income

€ 398.00 EUR

*10 first tickets before 28 August


€ 498.00 EUR

*10 first tickets before 28 August

High Income

€ 558.00 EUR

*10 first tickets before 28 August

Early Bird

€ 348.00 EUR

*10 first tickets before 28 August

Bursary :
we offer a limited number of bursaries for minority participants experiencing financial need.

Q & A

What is the refund policy?

What are Devotional Arts?

What is Transpersonal Psychology?

Do I need to be spiritual/artistic to join?

I feel drawn to this experience, but it is outside of my comfort zone, should I still join?

Are workshops in English or also in Spanish?

What’s included in the price of the festival?

When should I arrive/depart?

Festival of Devotional Arts

" An invitation to explore new ways of being in the world "

David, Canada

" Extremely creative, thought-provoking and fun, as well as sensitive, welcoming and non-judgmental "

Julia, Denmark

" I recommend this experience to anyone seeking deeper fulfilement in life"

Skyler, USA

Join us in Spain for 5 Days of Creative Spirituality


28 September - 2 October, 2022


5days/4 nights at retreat centre 1 hour outside of Barcelona  


3 healthy and organic vegetarian meals per day


Daily workshops with internationally renowned teachers


Group sharing and integration time


Opening and closing ceremonies

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Festival of Devotional Arts